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Article no.: 14.1790

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Bass rocker, 50 WMAX, 25 WRMS, 4 Ω


  • Special technology for producing a structure-borne sound
  • Mounting to a seat or also to a floor or dance floor capable of vibrating
  • Generates a powerful bass which can physically be felt
  • Easy screw mounting
  • Connection to suitable power amplifier via basic passive crossover network as for subwoofers, or even better via an individual amplifier
  • Series or parallel connection of several BR-25 units is possible like with common bass speakers
  • Resonant frequency: 40 Hz (varies due to mounting to different surfaces)
  • Frequency range: approx. 30-300 Hz
  • Even mounting surface required of at least 110x110 mm
  • Dimensions: 138x138x56 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
RSP excl. VATGBP 39.93
RSP incl. VATGBP 47.92

RSP incl. VAT

GBP 47.92