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The demand for contactless communication systems is greater than ever: numerous companies, authorities or public bodies are looking for practicable and cost-effective solutions which can quickly be implemented.

Corona and contact restrictions require a high level of creativity. We have put together a counter intercom system for you using just a few components from our product range. This system is available at short notice, easy to install and ready for immediate use.

Communication at a distance: safe but still personal

And this is how it works: our counter intercom system is just the right solution for voice communication between rooms which are acoustically separated. You are able to communicate with other people from a distance using two boundary microphones and two speakers. This way, there is no physical contact necessary during communication if two rooms are separated by glass, for example.

We have again focussed on the quality you have become accustomed to from us. Therefore, you can still benefit from this system, even long after the current crisis.

The counter intercom system can be used wherever protective measures have to be implemented for communication purposes to ensure safety or to prevent infection. This may be interesting, e.g. for local authorities, nursing homes or care facilities, banks, public authorities, hospitals, reception areas or cash desks.

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